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Tips about staying in a B&B

This year marks our 31st year working with the Bed and Breakfast community of Washington DC. We sincerely, make every effort to represent all of the homes in our system honestly and match guests to environments to ensure an enjoyable stay. Below are some details we hope will help make your stay a comfortable and trouble free while here in Washington DC.

Washington DC , like any large city, is a challenging place for parking. If you are traveling by car, we recommend you stay at a home that can provide parking for your car. Some of the homes in our system can offer off street parking for a small fee. Other homes in our system can obtain a temporary parking pass, which will allow you to park under the same rules as any one who lives here. Washington's public transportation is excellent, and we recommend you make extensive use of these services when moving about the city. If you do take your car, please be very vigilant about reading the posted parking signs. The city is very efficient at ticketing and towing-both actions that will quickly dampen an otherwise good vacation.

The primary sightseeing area in Washington DC is the National Mall. This roughly 3-mile stretch of green space is the location for the Smithsonian Museums, and the majority of the monuments. Visitors will also find the U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, and National Botanical Gardenslocated in this area of the city. Plan to do a lot of walking. Please remember to bring your most comfortable shoes. It is possible to walk a mile inside just 1 of the Museums.

Washington enjoys a fairly temperate climate. Spring and fall are the most comfortable times to visit. We still recommend that you bring comfortable layers of clothing, so that you can easily adjust to the times of the day, and moving in and out of buildings. It is not a bad idea to plan to bring a small umbrella, or lightweight packable rain jacket, just in case.

Almost every B&B provides guests with the ability to make and receive calls. (Long distance calls require a calling card or credit card) This is different at each home, so if you have any specific needs, please let us know before you make your reservation. Cellular coverage is generally excellent anywhere in the city (except the subway of course) so if you plan to travel with your cellular phone, you are generally off to a good start.

Internet and email:
Again, each home is different; if you have a need to have internet access or check email, let us know. This is part of the benefit of using our service; we can answer these types of questions, and provide you with a list of B&B's or Apartments that can meet your needs.

Breakfast/dietary needs:
Breakfast options generally fall into a few short descriptions. Which one is right for you is of course your decision. Here is what you can expect from homes offering breakfast.

Hot cooked Breakfast:
B&B's offering this type of breakfast, are generally serving a breakfast that is made fresh just before being served. Depending on the size of the home, breakfast times may be a single serving at a set time, or based on your schedule.

Continental Breakfast:
This is the simplest breakfast served. Usually consisting of cereals, toasting breads, English muffins, bagels or the like. Coffee, tea and juice are also customary.

Continental Plus Breakfast:
Similar to the continental breakfast, though expect fresh baked muffins or specialty breads, seasonal fruit, and perhaps yogurt.

Self-Catered Breakfast:
This breakfast generally involves a little work on your part. In most cases, the owner is not present, or able to prepare breakfast for you, but will show you where to find items for you to prepare breakfast on your own.

No Breakfast:
Some properties, especially the furnished apartments in our system, do not include breakfast at all. If you are staying in an apartment, you likely have an equipped kitchen allowing you the ability to make breakfast, or even other meals on your own.

Kitchen/Refrigerator access:
City regulations do not permit owners to allow you to cook in the homes kitchens. This does not apply for self-contained units such as furnished apartments. Many homes have provisions for access to refrigerators/microwaves.

All of the homes in our system are non-smoking. Most will allow guests to smoke outside the home. If you require accommodations that allow you to smoke inside, we can offer a few hotel options.

Some of the homes in our system may have family pets. If you have allergies to pets, or prefer to stay at a pet free home, please be sure to ask. We generally try to identify homes with pets in their descriptions. Unfortunately, we do not have any B&B's that allow guest pets. The Dupont Circle hotel can offer accommodations where guests can bring pets.

First floor guest rooms were virtually non-existent in the day most of our homes were built. Bedrooms are very likely to be located on the second, third and sometimes even fourth floor. Additionally, many homes have a flight of stairs to reach the front door. We do not have any homes in our system that are equipped with elevators. If stairs are difficult for you, please let us know. We can suggest homes or apartments that offer the least amount of stair climbing possible, or if an elevator is a must, perhaps suggest a hotel.

Many homes offer guests private baths, though there are still options where shared bathrooms exist. In addition, many bathrooms were not present at the time of original construction of Historic homes. The bathrooms added, may be small, and may not have both a shower and tub. Please be sure to ask if a large bathroom, or bathtub is important to you.

Anything Else:
Please ask! If it is important to you, we want to know. We would like to help match you up to a home that can meet your needs. The more we know, the better recommendations we can make.



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