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Reservation and Cancellation Policy

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Special policies for Monthly rentals

Cancellation (note: see below for cancellation at the Chesapeake Beach House)

Bed and Breakfastís must adhere to a stricter cancellation policy than you would find at a larger hotel. B&Bís have many fewer rooms, which means a last minute cancellation has a much larger impact on our ability to re-sell a guest room, and by default income generated by each guestroom. We understand our cancellation policy may not fit your needs, and may therefore prevent you from using our accommodations, however we have developed it as a best balance of guest and innkeeper needs. If you are looking for more a more flexible cancellation policy, we may still be able to help. We do have a few options where the cancellation policy is 72 hours or even 24 hours, please ask.

All cancellations must be called in directly to Bed and Breakfast Accommodations. In order to allow us a reasonable amount of time to resell a reserved room, any cancellations must be received by the balance due date (usually 2 weeks prior to arrival) to guarantee that no additional charges to your credit card are applied. Any cancellation made after the balance due date, will result in a refund only for any days Bed and Breakfast Accommodations is able to resell to another party. This refund would not include the deposit amount. Any reservation made less than 2 weeks prior to arrival (under the cancellation policy) is considered non-refundable/non-cancelable and would result in a refund only for any days Bed and Breakfast Accommodations is able to resell. Any refund of nights resold is issued automatically, minus the original deposit. A business day for our service does not include weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) or any Federal Holidays listed as follows:

New Years Day

Labor Day

Martin Luther King Day

Columbus Day

Presidents Day

Veterans Day

Memorial Day

Thanksgiving Day

Independence Day

Christmas Day

These policies may be modified for special events, such as Inauguration weekend, or groups. You will be notified by Bed and Breakfast at the time of your inquiry of any such changes.


Cancellation for the Chesapeake Beach House

Reservation and Cancellation policies for this property are unique to this property. Cancellation of a reservation at the Beach House is required 30 days prior to arrival. Any cancellations made less than 30 days prior to arrival can receive a refund only for days able to be resold to another guest.  




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